Lords of Rust

The Lords of Rust were a violent Scrapwall gang devoted to the Iron God Hellion. Under their leader they were able to subjugate all of Scrapwall and had designs on breaking in to Silver Mount with a large excavating machine in order to confront an entity referred to as Unity, but their plans were cut short by the actions of Blood Money Dragon.


  • Draigs, ettin executioner of the Lords of Rust (deceased)
  • Hellion, Iron God/Lords of Rust mastermind (deceased?)
  • Helskarg, troll mistress of Scrapwall Arena (deceased)
  • Kulgara, brutal second-in-command of the Lords of Rust (deceased)
  • Nalakai, priest of Hellion (deceased)
  • Meyanda, high priestess of Hellion (deceased)
  • Zagmaander, cursed xill/Lords of Rust assassin

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Lords of Rust

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