N'wah's Iron Gods Campaign

Fires of Creation Session 05

Halls of SCIENCE!, Part 2 (10/09/2014)

The session started with the group back in the entry room. Sal repaired her musket, Betsy, while Petra considered her life decisions on a dead-mold-speckled couch and the others checked gear and otherwise killed the hour-long wait. After the short rest, the PCs took the single door in the side hallway, leading to another corridor full of doors. They took the closest door and found themselves in a room with a trough of algae-choked water around the edges of the room, a worksatation with a large machine near it, and a burly vegepygmy (carrying a glowing light hammer sized for humans) scowling at them. He motioned for them to speak as he pulled out a leather-bound journal with the symbol of Brigh embossed on the front. The vegepygmy wrote in the journal and showed it to the group in response to their questions and statements. He correctly accused them of killing his tribe, and seemed willing to work out a deal, but the group was split on what to do with the small plant-man. Eventually, a temporary alliance was struck, with the PCs offering to bring the vegepygmy more bodies to infest with russet mold and rebuild his tribe, and the vegepygmy offering his magic hammer in payment. Petra was not pleased with the deal, but went with it in order to get the group to move on.

The group passed the door that led back to the plant-filled room and came to another door with a locked white panel. They decided not to try their luck on picking it successfully, instead turning left and entering a pair of doors that led to a circular room with a sparking power cable and a panel with Adroffan words on it. With the words on that panel, the group deduced it was an elevator, and could be repaired by replacing the power coupling with a newly-forged one. Petra skillfully removed the coupling without being electrocuted while Sandtongue looked for a surface access door but found nothing (though he did determine the glaucite roof was hollow). From there they headed east into another passage, passing two single doors to head south at at a T-intersection. The door at the end had a white-striped panel but was unlocked, and they walked in.

Within the room were two different robots: a white-colored robot similar to a repair drone but seemingly specialized for medical procedures, and a hovering robot with strong grabbing claws and a stun gun on its underside. Sal began the interactions with her standard “query,” but the white robot only responded with bland non-reassurances that they were about to undergo a medical procedure and should remain calm. They did not. The white medical drone was easily dispatched, but the hovering drone was plated with hard outer armor, making harming the thing difficult. Garef kept it busy with his unique ability to mess with electronic minds using his inborn magic, dazing the machine and causing it severe but brief malfunctions, while several of the front-line fighters got critical blows in on the machine. Sal’s gun jammed again, and her backup, the timeworn stun gun she calls Lionel, was unable to harm the robot, but she and Garef did hear muffled shouts and pounding coming from a strange pod-like device in the corner. She asked Aton to drop his pack to the ground so that she could retrieve the black access card the keeps in his bag, and with deftness he did so while still battling the machine. She dove over and collected the bag, tossed it to Garef, and then drew a dagger and joined in the melee. Her blade was unable to pierce the thing’s armor, but Garef’s lucky crossbow bolt, Petra’s deft not-rapier, a few mighty dings from Sandtongue, and a final brutal smash from Aton stilled the robot permanently.

The group decided to take this machine back to use it for… equipment materials or something, I guess. Meanwhile, Garef slid the black access card through the black-striped panel and the odd device opened, revealing none other than Khonnir Baine! His legs were hideously mangled and something had happened to his mind, but he was conscious, alive, and grateful, if a poor conversationalist after his ordeal. After raiding the room for some medical supplies (one item which they were unable to identify) and recovering Khonnir’s gear, the group taped Khonnir to Sandtongue’s back with space tape and headed off back to town. On the way, they passed through the now-functioning nozzle room, and looked on curiously as the nozzles sprayed them with cool air before allowing them to pass on. They took a brief detour to claim the body of Parda Garr (cause of death: thug life) and return it to town as well.

Their first stop was to the Temple of Brigh, where Joram Kyte met them immediately and began to administer magical aid to the severely-messed-up Khonnir. As Joram cast his restorative spells, he thanked the group for retrieving Khonnir and the slain Parda, suggesting they meet up with Dolga Feddert after telling Val Baine so that they could claim their reward. Khonnir had recovered slightly from his suffering, and, able to communicate with polysyllabic words, told them that the robots had mangled his legs and injected him with a vial of “small robots” that damaged his brain while attempting to find out how he was able to cast magical spells. He also planned to arrange for Parda’s funeral, telling the group that returning the well-liked half-orc back to town would earn them much thanks from the townsfolk. Sal asked about her “weird tinglies” again, and Joram offered to send for a scroll of commune , calling in some favors with the crusaders of Castle Urion to get the scroll at a discount. Sal said she would consider it.

The PCs next destination was the Foundry Tavern, where they found Val preparing stew, and when told of her father’s return- alive, no less- she dropped her ladle, removed the stew from the fire, tearfully hugged all the PCs (with extra hugs for Aton and Petra), and left to visit her father. The group headed off to the Town Hall and found Dolga having just gotten word that Khonnir had been found. She called for a clerk to bring the reward, and placed it on the table for the group, along with the scroll of resurrection, as promised. The group then insisted on blabbing about their cash infusion from selling Numerian fluids, and Dolga demanded not to know, promptly leaving the room while muttering about “damned adventurers.” The PCs headed back to drop off their legal gains, lock up, and head back down for more grossness.

Back down in the Science! Deck, the group found the lavatory, and marveled at the fixtures producing water when futzed with. Much flushing ensued. They then crossed the hallway to find the break room, finding the room quite hot after thousands of years of someone leaving the stove on. They also collected dozens of Goo Tubes!™ in a variety of flavors, sampling a few before moving on. At the top of the T-intersection they came across another medical room, easily dispatching the lone medical drone within and learning more about Khonnir’s unnecessary medical procedures. The bloodstains from earlier ended in this room, leaving pretty much only the blood path left to explore.

Taking the double doors at the northern end of the T-intersection, the group found a geology lab containing a machine with a spherical mold-blob. The mold-blob then telepathically asked them questions, including wondering if they had more “red food”. They then looked to the floor, where the otherwise dusty room contained a cleared and cleaned stripe running across it, ending at the door and eerily lining up with the blood drag-marks on the opposite side. They closed the door.

A huddle occurred, with the group eventually deciding to find things to feed the mold-blob (Sal identified it as a cerebric fungus) anything but them. They settled for the moment to throw it some goo tubes, and Sal and Sandtongue convinced the blob to travel with them and eat only what they told it to. The cerebric fungus was recently born and completely confused by the outside world, so it happily agreed as long as more food would come. Then Sal, Garef, and Petra messed with the machinery in the room, discovering that the lab’s focus was on a planet called “CX-335” or “Kasath,” a dry desert world with four-armed creatures making up the dominant species. The group put two and two together and, getting four this time, discovered the undead they had previously killed must be natives to that world. They continued on, entering the bloody hallway where they found destroyed medical robots and alchemical burns and stains across the walls and floor. The cerebric fungus (named Cletus with the help of Sal), was given free reign to devour the red food. It really likes the red food. Seriously, guys.

Only one room remined, and as the PCs entered it, two horrible living, self-moving fleshy pustule-things crawled forth from the broken detritus in the lab. Oh no! But there was only time to draw steel and ready for battle, calling Cletus for meal time, because it’s the…



Nwah Nwah

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