N'wah's Iron Gods Campaign

Fires of Creation Session 04

Halls of SCIENCE!, Part 1 (10/01/2014)

With the juju zombie at the door, the group set up a plan to beat the undeath out of it as soon as it pried its way in. The creature presented a second pair of arms, jamming two shortswords into the small space between the doors that it had already made and was getting ever more leverage, so it would only be a matter of time. Sandtongue blessed Aton’s greatsword with the gifts of the tech spirits, then the two stood at opposite sides of the doors. Garef, Petra, and Sal all took positions further back, readying ranged weapons. With a nod from the others, Aton then kicked the steel weasel free from the doors.

A few seconds later, the juju zombie forced open the doors, and the group opened fire. Only Aton connected with any accuracy, severely wounding the four-armed undead monster; Sal once again had misfire issues. The alien juju zombie, seeing Aton as the greatest threat, retaliated with swords and fists, whittling the barbarian down to near-unconsciousness. As the fight went on, Aton withdrew temporarily to avoid further reprisals while Sandtongue and Petra engaged in melee with the beast. Seeing he was the only hope to slay the monster, Aton leaped from the table he was standing one and cleaved the monster in two.

The group took an hour break to allow Sal to repair her gun, looting the monster of its gear. Aton claimed its magic cloak as his own and spent some time parading around in his bright red accessory. After Sal’s gun was cleared, the PCs went back into the hallway and looked at the other two doors. One had a black-striped security panel while the other was brown, making the way to go easy to decide on. Within that room they found a table, chairs and some pillars, but the most interesting aspect was a window looking out into the underground desert. The could see it clearly now, and above the cliff walls appeared a bright blue sky with a sun and clouds. The PCs seemed to infer that they had somehow been transported somewhere else. Keen eyes in the group spotted a black access card that had fallen under a chair some time ago; Aton, serving as point-man, took the card, and they progressed out of the room to the black access door.

A short hallway led to a room, determined as a security checkpoint by readouts on the blinking panels on a nearby desk. Couches were also found, as was dead russet mold on the south end of the room and a bloodtained floor and door to the north. Behind the security desk the group found a storage room with five lockers and some assorted gear (mostly Numerian silverdisks and something they nicknamed a magelight). They also found a crate locked with a white keycard panel. Not having a white card yet, Petra brought out the sonic screwdriver and with impressive luck and divine guidance from Sandtongue popped open the case. Within were a variety of nonlethal grenades (dubbed godslap, shiny bang, and brawler grenades), a color-changing technological suit they called gecko armor, and of particular interest to Sal, a timeworn technological firearm she eventually dubbed Lionel.

Not wanting to go through the blood-stained door, the group opted to head through a central hallway, then turn right at another hallway. They came into a room filled with non-dangerous fungus and a plant monster they were unable to identify (a weedwhip) that they handily dispatched. The noise attracted a pair of vegepygmies who were also handily defeated. In side rooms of the lab they were in they spotted four bodies placed reverently in sitting positions, coated in russet mold, and split from neck to groin. They looted the corpses of their gear, discovering they were the bodies of the missing Brigh-worshiping party . After a cursory search of the main room revealed nothing of interest save fungi, they headed on to a room with a riot of uncontrolled overgrowth and five very unruly vegepygmies. The group took some hits from the plant monsters’ crude longspears and claws, but were eventually victorious, using flanking maneuvers and Garef’s newly acquired ray of frost spell. Further exploration would have to wait, though, as they found themselves at the…

30-ish wand charges remaining


Nwah Nwah

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