N'wah's Iron Gods Campaign

Fires of Creation Session 01

Caverns of Grossness, Part 1 (09/10/2014)

The PCs met up, had introductions, and talked with councilwoman Dolga Feddert about the problems currently facing Torch. They have been offered 4,000 gp for the return of councilmaster Khonnir Baine (plus a scroll of resurrection if he is still alive), and another 4,000 gp if they can reignite the flame atop Black Hill. In addition, for the duration of their explorations, all the local shopkeepers are offering a 20% discount on their services. Councilwoman Feddert also suggested the PCs look for a man named Sanvil Trett, a traveling peddler who sets up shop in the market, for help with any unusual technology they uncover.

The PCs headed to the Foundry tavern (home of Khonnir and his daughter Val), where they will be resting for the duration of their quest. A series of screams alerted the group to trouble in the house behind the tavern! The group rushed to the sound of distress, with Aton making it to the storage room first, where a reanimated robot had begun disassembling one of the walls. Val was also in the room, hiding under a table. Aton drew his sword and made quick work of the machine, earning him Val’s eternal thanks.

The group reconvened in the tavern, exchanged notes on the machine (identified as a malfunctioning repair drone by Garef), and had breakfast. Soon thereafter they met Joram Kyte, a councilman and priest of Brigh, who is providing the group with water breathing to get them into the caverns under Black Hill. The group went with Joram to the pond, got their spells, and dived into the brackish waters.

The group popped back up inside the Black Hill caves soon thereafter. The waters didn’t agree with Garef’s delicate half-elven constitution, leaving him sickened, but the others came out alright. The first cave contained fire beetles, which the group quickly dispatched, as well as an ominous “beckoning” cave and a less ominous, less beckoning passage. The group picked the latter, especially after seeing strange light (and in Sal’s case, a squat frog-thing that was making the light) further into the beckoning passage.

Around the corner the group found gross oozes and three mounds that turned out to be the remnants of the halfling expedition. Further down, the passage led to a cavern where the group encountered the horrible frog-thing (a blindheim, though no one identified it successfully). Everyone but Aton eventually succumbed to its blinding gaze, and Sal tried taking a shot anyway, grazing Aton’s leg with a bullet, but a blind Sandtongue was able to get hold of the beast, kill it, and eat it, all while still blind. Aton found the body of a local thug in the shallows of the cavern, including an unholy symbol later identified as a symbol of the god Zyphus .

The PCs waited until their blindness went away (about 1 hour), then continued forward. They found a side cavern filled with boxes and junk, and Petra’s keen eyes spotted a few silverdisks. They also encountered crude chalk drawings of spiny plants, a three-legged creature (which the group figured out as a representation of a repair drone), an an unidentified four-armed humanoid. Two caverns branched out ahead of them.


3 hours, 37 minutes of water breathing remaining


Nwah Nwah

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