N'wah's Iron Gods Campaign

Fires of Creation FINALE

Think Love, Think Drugs

The battle began immediately, with Petra winning the initiative and bolting behind the android priestess Meyanda, getting in a quick sneak attack. The rest of the group had little time to react however, before Meyanda stepped back, pointed her gun at Petra, retrieved a white access card from a belt pouch, and sealed the doors behind them. Oh no! Petra alone in the belly of the beast! How’s that gonna play out?

Sandtongue was already close to the door, and knowing they’d need his techno-magical divine powers, began buffing himself for the upcoming fight. Aton was still quite brutalized from the battle with the gargoyle, so he began downing potions, and Sal and Garef tried blasting the access panel with magic and Lionel the timeworn stun weapon. Meanwhile, Petra attempted to steal that access card, getting a punch in the face from Meyanda’s nasty-looking spiked gauntlet, and no access card in return. Meyanda, for her part, couldn’t seem to land a shot until far into her and Petra’s most wonderful time together.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the door, Sal’s electroshock therapy for the door panel failed to short out the panel, but it did destroy the panel, which was worse. Seconds later, a bewildered Sanvil Trett me into the room, positively commenting on the group’s thorough clearing out of the dungeon. He saw the desperate situation going on and asked if they needed any help. After pointing out that his white access card from another technological ruin would most certainly not work on a blown-out access panel, he agreed to help out with prying the doors open. Sandtongue and Cletus also pitched in, and with a raging Aton wielding the steel weasel as the lead, the doors were mightily pried apart.

I’ll finish tomorrow, but notes for me:

Room description
Meyanda’s death
Torch saved
Hajoth Hakados/Cythrul

Before the group set off, the town council wanted a few words with them. Obviously, the existence of the Lords of Rust is a threat to the town of Torch, and the council is prepared to offer 8,000 gp as a reward for eliminating that threat. In addition, Joram Kyte has a long-missing friend who dwells within Scrapwall, a woman named Dinvaya Lanalei. The two are both worshipers of Brigh who have had some level of history with the Technic League, and he’d like to offer her a place in torch as a safe haven. He offered his holy symbol as a way of making contact.

The council also discussed the group’s travel options: they could make the trek overland, which is faster but offers more potential for danger, or they could take up with a river barge, which is a longer trip but is considerably safer (and easier on the feet). After a vote, the group elected to travel by river, a journey of about 12 to 13 days not including stops (one at Blackpipe, one at Hajoth Hakados, and a final stop at [[Aldronard’s Grave]]). Total travel time is not expected to exceed 16 days. Packed up and ready to roll, with new equipment and resupplied with gear, the group hit the…


AP Theme: Doomtree- Team Best Team


Think love / and think drugs / and they’re the same thing inside / And we struggle / or get enough / but it’s the same thing / Burn holes in the Moleskine, bout it / Been friends with a pen, gave trust to the page / Turn in when the time’s up earn that age / know-how learned in spades / They exist in the outros / in the fade outs / and in the background noise / I wouldn’t wish it on my rivals / I got no enemies / We all fall for the decoy / Sometimes it slides right by while we’re trying to decide / Don’t lie to yourself / almost ain’t good enough / and there ain’t no extra lives / Leave em alone / How we livin? / Very own road and it’s so, so driven / In the freezing cold, y’all keep chillin / We’ll leave tracks you can follow in / Bold, less fucks given / Team The Best Team / Doomtree citizen / We care like it’s cool still / but we’ve risen from close to sting to post-everything / How y’all livin? / Very own road and it’s so, so driven / In the freezing cold / y’all keep chillin

So I do it for her and I do it for me / and I do it for the word / Kill it for the hunt of the beat / Kill it for the hunger that will not sleep / And you can stay miserable all your life but what kind of difference that make? / What, you ain’t had enough of that pay, ain’t had enough of your way? / Live from the Haunted North / in the woods where the fire roars / You fell for the Trojan horse / Who want it more? It’s already yours / Live from the Haunted North / in the woods where the fire roars / You fell for the Trojan horse / Who want it more; it’s already yours

Draw blood, paint life, sculpt that clay, build that bridge (suffer and pleasure) / Got love, gotta write that way and filled that book from the gutter to forever / But we’re still gonna suffer / we got burnt / we met our match and struck first / Suckers should have known better than to let us head our own search and destroy / You would’ve been better centered at home / Remember that road we’d take? / I swear the devil’s backbone would break / We made it our home and it’s great and it’s good / it’s the same as it ever was / We came, we saw, we came back / We played em songs we made quick / We went back home just to fill those pages to the edges, and it’s aces / It’s all coming up roses / Closes may come and we know this / No risk, no fun, no way, nobody’s gonna break my stride, no sir / Those days look like these days / except for maybe these grays / But that’s just my salt and pepper, my heart and soul won’t live forever / Whatever…
/ It’s gonna come some day, so come what may and I pray it comes / We’re still gonna run like strays, purr like kittens, and bang a gong / We’ve sang our songs, we’ve seen the war, we’re living that and more / Knowing even the greatest dancers in the world are bound to leave the dance floor

So shake, shakes, shoot / it’s like win, draw, lose / cause dice kept cooped up / just bring bad luck / man is made to choose / Yeah, mixed media: flesh, electricity, bone / we rent, we visit, but we’re never quite home / cause the river can’t know when the levy might go / so, draw your arm and throw

Bottled all in, battle with a broadsword / rule with the iron cutter straight to the vital cord / Lean on a land alive / freed men in enterprise / Does it mean you seen the sign? / See what you wanna read / eyes in the seams, not what it seems / A better part of me will not let it be / instead it seethes / Does mean I believe a lie? / Let it dead, let it crawl / let it all count when you bet it all / Say it like you mean it, just say it / never better if you never even said it at all / Head em off at the neck, set it off / Ready for whatever with machete on the leather comrades with a letter on the wall / steady head, heavy guts and a set of balls / What I really gotta know, huh? / How to rock a rhyme that’s right in line? / With the beat and ride / wide to the feet, wise to the weak / Why? / Why we pray on the meek and pry in the speak of the “why’s” and the “we’s”? / We don’t know why / why we speak with a slide of the cheek / Hide / Chopped in the seams / Stride / That’s live and unique designed / flight for seats, fly in the cleats / Grind / Lines in the sheet / Slice / that’s all we live for / Polish poison plot loss / free and got a lost cause / Holler if you hear me shooting / Hollow Bodies High / Cower salted, high exalted, colicky and alcoholic / Call it when I see it all divide / Hollowed head to follow tired feet disqualified / Able of the cognoscente disabled from a solid mind / Hollow Bodies High


Nwah Nwah

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