Welcome to Iron Gods!

I’m terrible at writing this sorta thing, and it’s all in the works at the moment. But this is the front page for my Iron Gods campaign. I’ll be providing links, notes, and what-have-you as I am able. Also, Goo Tubes!™. We need more Goo Tubes!™.

Look! A Book!

I’m too lazy to make book covers for multiple manuals, so here’s just one.



AP Theme: Team the Best Team by Doomtree
Log of the Chronos (Crashed Ship from Fires of Creation): Lockdown by James Urbaniak, et al.
End of Lords of Rust Theme: Everybody’s Free (to Feel Good) by Aquagen ft. Rozella

Helpful Links: Lords of Rust

Aldronard’s Grave

Helpful Links: Fires of Creation

Caverns of Grossness
Engineering Deck
Science! Deck
The Underground Desert

EDIT (11/22/2014): Seventh Adventure Log is up! With the holidays upon us, I expect things to get spotty scheduling-wise, but we’re on the home stretch for Fires of Creation here, so we should be completely done with it before the new year.

EDIT (10/30/2014): Behold: technomancy.

EDIT (10/29/2014): Better late than never!

EDIT (10/17/2014): While you were out…

EDIT (10/09/2014): Fifth Adventure Log is up! My God, people, you make some weird decisions.

EDIT (10/03/2014): Fourth Adventure Log is up! Another day, another pile of gross for Petra to heartily dislike.

EDIT (09/25/2014): Third Adventure Log is up! There’s the usual added stuff to round everything out. I’m sure you’ll find it if you need it.

EDIT (09/18/2014): Second Adventure Log is up! Also added a bunch of stuff about Maps and some NPCs and Organizations.

EDIT (09/11/2014): First Adventure Log is up! I’m planning on a reward for players writing one of their own for later sessions. Probably going to be a free re-roll or a Hero Point or something. It won’t be required, but it’d still be pretty cool. If you’re interested, drop me a line.

N'wah's Iron Gods Campaign

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