Scrapwall is a sprawling junkyard of cast-off technology and useless refuse and debris stretching nearly 3 miles in length. The site was once one of the nation’s greatest sources of skymetal other than Silver Mount itself, but it has long since been depleted of this precious resource. Passages and open-air thoroughfares wind through and around artificial mountains of mangled metal like a maze. Though not a proper settlement, Scrapwall is far from uninhabited—the tangled stretch is infested by several bickering and squabbling gangs of bandits and thugs.


Residents of Scrapwall can earn a place in one of the region’s many gangs by proving their bravery, ruthlessness, and audacity, qualities known collectively by locals as one’s “scrapworth.” The higher your scrap-worth, the more respect you’re afforded, and the less likely you are to be bullied by any of Scrapwall’s more powerful denizens.
The current gangs of note within Scrapwall, in ascending order of power, are the Steel Hawks, Redtooth’s Raiders, the Smilers, and the Lords of Rust. Another group, the Thralls of Hellion, seems to have recently been disbanded. Loners of significant power are believed to dwell within Scrapwall as well, including a mysterious worshiper of Brigh, a powerful mutated manticore, and an unknown number of undead spirits that haunt the region’s easternmost reaches, but most of those living in Scrapwall are riffraff and lowlifes known collectively as Scrappers—exiles and vagabonds who pay tribute to one of the region’s gangs for protection but have no affiliation of their own.
The Lords of Rust now rule Scrapwall, and they are in turn ruled by an unknown force called Hellion that claims to be a god. The Lords of Rust’s headquarters is located at the center of the junkyard, at a large structure known as the Scrapmaster’s Arena, but there are rumors that the bulk of this gang’s hideout is underground.

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