Hajoth Hakados

N small city
Corruption –1; Crime +1; Economy +4; Law +1; Lore +6; Society +0
Qualities broad-minded, prosperous, strategic location, tourist attraction
Danger +5
Government magical
Population 6,780 (5,083 humans, 644 dwarves, 346 half-elves, 305 halflings, 254 gnomes, 148 other)
Cythrul, Skymetal Merchant (LN female witchwyrd alchemist)
Dronkar the Speaker, Master of the Syntheriad (N male dwarf aristocrat/fighter)
Lady Altouna, Ruler of Hajoth Hakados (NG female half-elf wizard)
Base Value 6,400 gp; Purchase Limit 37,500 gp; Spellcasting 7th
Minor Items 4d4; Medium Items 3d4; Major Items 1d6

Rising with majesty from the confluence of the Seven Tears and Sellen Rivers, the grand, engraved stone walls of Hajoth Hakados protect this bastion of trade and acceptance known by crusaders traveling to Mendev as “the velvet caress of the north.” Hajoth Hakados prospers from its reputation for tolerance and neutrality toward disparate groups, such as the Pathfinder Society (who maintain a covert lodge here), the Aspis Consortium, numerous churches, Kellid barbarian tribes, and mercenary groups like the Steel Phalanx. Violence between rival factions is kept in check through economic means. Groups who eschew Hajoth Hakados’ political neutrality swiftly find themselves charged exorbitant fees for even the most mundane supplies, or cut off from trade altogether. While not barred from the city, members of the Technic League are not welcome inside the walls of Hajoth Hakados, and the city guard closely watches any visiting Technic League members.


Hajoth Hakados and its residents take pride in their open and friendly city. The government keeps taxes low—as the Technic League prefers that travelers to Chesed arrive with a full purse—which results in plenty of business for the city. Citizens pride themselves on providing quality goods and services at a fair price.
Currently, there is no thieves’ guild in Hajoth Hakados. The Catspaw Marauders were tolerated for a time, but recently their predations proved too severe, and the community banded together to run them out of town. The series of connected buildings that served as their secret headquarters sits abandoned but still laden with traps.
Many who come to Hajoth Hakados do so to visit the witchwyrd Cythrul, an alchemist, scholar, and skymetal expert. Cythrul’s knowledge of alien technology is so great that it rivals many experts in the Technic League—indeed, the League itself is somewhat in awe of Cythrul’s lore, and it is out of respect (and perhaps fear) of her that they allow Hajoth Hakados to function without much interference. Cythrul is one of the few aliens to live openly as such in Numeria, and she is something of a hero for outcasts, as she exemplifies how to coexist with Golarion natives without persecution or experimentation. Both scholars of esoterica, Lady Altouna and Cythrul often team up to solve particularly troubling scientific and magical problems.
The government of Hajoth Hakados knows that opposed factions within the city require a place to vent their aggressions, and that the love of violence and spectacle keeps even jaded travelers returning. To this end, they have converted their civic theater into an arena where disagreements can be solved with blade, blood, tongue, and wit. Known as the Syntheriad, the former amphitheater now hosts gladiatorial combat, political discussion, displays of new magic and technology, musical and theatrical performances, and other entertainments on a near-daily schedule. The current Master of the Syntheriad is a bombastic dwarf named Dronkar the Speaker. Dronkar runs a tight schedule and assures rival factions equal representation while happily and quietly advancing the agendas of those with coin to spend. As a result, many of the recent entertainments, violent or benign, have pitted allied factions against each other. These disparate power brokers have begun to discuss how to dispose of the greedy dwarf. The only thing restraining their action is disagreement over just how violent their coup should be.

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Hajoth Hakados

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