Garmen Ulreth


Garmen Ulreth is one of the more influential people in Torch—an impressive quality, given the fact that he’s neither a councilor nor a legitimate merchant. Indeed, Garmen’s considerable pull in town stems from the fact that a number of Torch’s citizens owe him money in either small or large amounts. Garmen is associated with what passes for Torch’s thieves’ guild—a gang of thugs and roughs called the Ropefists—and that the owner of Silverdisk Hall may even be the gang’s leader. He certainly employs enough of the Ropefists as bouncers and guards at his gaming hall.

Garmen Ulreth fled town following the theft of a power relay he was holding in one of his warehouses. The relay has something to do with the extinguishing of the flame atop Black Hill and the mysterious purple-haired woman. Garmen’s current location and plans are unknown at this time.

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Garmen Ulreth

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