Arashz Sandtongue

Tech-Worshiping Space Lizard


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Physical Description

Sandtongue stands approximately 6 and a half feet tall, weighing roughly 240 lbs. His scales are colored in a variety of reds and dark oranges, darker tones along his most sun-touched scales, while those touched less are brighter in color.

His body is covered in a variety of tunics, scarves, and cloaks. One such scarf covers his neck and is used to cover his snout during sand storms, or simply to hide his face. The rest are used to provide shading for his body while out in the wilds. He tends to favor reds, oranges and browns.



Theme Music – In Flames – Dialogue With the Stars

Sandtongue was born in the deserts of Akiton to the Tszz’ka Tribe, a tribe of Akitoni Lizardfolk who strived to better their tribal structure and sought the ancient mysteries of the Sky Gods.

When Sandtongue was only a few seasons old, one of the Sky Gods chose him to visit their holy lands. The young reptile was fascinated by what he saw. When the Sky Gods returned him to his tribe he told the elders what he had seen. He offered them proof in the form of a disc with strange markings upon it.

When the elders attempted to use the disc they quickly found out that it had no power at all. As punishment, they heated the disc and seared the young lizard’s flesh with it. Sandtongue spent many years in shame, being tormented for his stories and meeting one of the Sky Gods. But, he would never let go of the disc.

Many years would pass and the ship that once picked up the young lizardfolk returned, but this time appearing to his tribe. The Sky God, which the tribe referred to as Iron Savior, took them off Akiton. The tribe lived in luxury for several weeks, not having want for anything. There were complains, of course, but the quality of life had greatly increased.

Then came the time of the Great Ice Sleep, as prophesied by Iron Savior. The entire tribe entered their chambers and began the cycle…

What felt like an instant to Sandtongue was truly three thousand years. He awoke early to the high pitched sounds of the Iron God’s cries. Being curious, Sandtongue ran desperately through the halls, seeking the cause, or a method of ceasing the cries. The Sky God began to shake violently, and the lizard was forced to seek refuge in a strange room littered with small vestibules, similar to the ones that he was in before. Each said Escape upon them.

Climbing into one, Sandtongue randomly began to push buttons, hoping something would happen….

Character Relationships

Petra – Neutral
Sally – Neutral
Aton – Neutral
Garif – Neutral

Arashz Sandtongue

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