N'wah's Iron Gods Campaign

Fires of Creation Session 07

Halls of Engineering, Part 2

After Cletus cleaned up the mess and everyone was done playing with faucets and vending machines, the group doubled back to the front room and moved on to the leftmost door. There they found a storage room area that was in utter disarray and appeared to have been picked clean. The group found a locker that was still sealed but partially battered, which Petra was unable to pick open and Aton was unable to ding with a solid blow from his sword, so it was left for later. The PCs then entered a side-room where three ratfolk were scavenging bits and baubles off the shelves. Battle began, then ended pretty swiftly as the ratfolk couldn’t get sneaky strikes in through Aton’s uncanny agility. The ratfolk went down like chumps shortly thereafter. There wasn’t much to scrounge (though Sal claimed the ratfolk’s simple gear to pay for bullets later) so the group moved on.

The middle set of doors from the main room led to a wide hall whose metal panels had been removed, exposing wiring and metal framework, all of it sparking and obviously dangerous. It was determined that Petra could disable the electrical system, but would most likely shut off all the power in the nearby areas. That and the inherent danger in poking at active electrical dangers with metal instruments led the group to decide to hold off on futzing with it until they felt they had to, and they moved on to another door.

Another curvy hallway led to a room that had strange machines and conveyor belts in it, with glowing panels and other beepy-boopy strangeness. One of the conveyor belts was rolling and smeared with blood, which was of course fed to Cletus. Two malfunctioning repair drones stumbled over to “repair” the PCs to death, but were easily dispatched (and promptly piled up for later dragging back to town for… mysterious purposes). Fancy polymer nets were also collected. A panel in the far corner displayed a blinking glowing error message: “WARNING: Robot Command Core Damaged—Reboot Required!” The group discussed what to do about it, and as one of them asked out loud if the panel could be pressed, Sal pressed it. A series of noises emitted and the screen went blank, and it was understood that all the active robots in the dungeon would be out of commission for at least a while. Thenext adjacent room was also full of machines and conveyor belts, and the source of the blood was found to be two dead half-orcs whose prone bodies were being slowly ground down by the moving belts. Even more spooky was the towering ”/wikis/gearsmen" class=“wiki-page-link”>gearsmen in the room, looking menacing even though the system reboot left it deactivated. It had a strange space mace in its hands that the group identified and took, calling “The Shocker” if the notes are correct. Among the junk in the malfunctioning machines, the PCs also found a small device with a sampling tube, which Sal tried out on some half-orc blood and discovered it to be a machine that can identify non-magical substances. It was, of course, called the portable gas chromatograph mass spectrometer. The inert gearsman was also claimed, to soon be de-robobrained, hollowed out, and turned into a fine suit of plate mail for Sandtongue.

Further on into the circular centermost room, the group found even more machinery with all sorts of strange readouts, a pink-topped machine with holograms above it, and a lower area that led to somewhere. A claw-like statue built from scrap and flanked by braziers sat near the door the group entered in, and a scary gargoyle covered in metal scrap shouted at them in a violence-ruined voice. Sal tried talking to it in Androffan, but the gargoyle took offense and launched itself at the group. Aton took the brunt of its offense, but intimidated the gargoyle with burly prowess. Still, the group’s blades proved ineffective against the gargoyle’s stony hide, so Sandtongue blessed Petra’s sword with holy magic and it soon cleaved into the monstrosity like butter. Cletus used its mind powers to further demoralize the gargoyle and with its mind compromised, the monster was unable to land many more hits before falling to brute force.

The group snagged some phat lewtz from the pile at the base of the claw statue, identifying some goggles as binoc specs, plus a strange hypo, some more space tape and a space pen, and a goofy helmet. Sal was in the process of trial and error identification when the helmet pinged, alerting her as a purple-haired android entered the room, calling out to the gargoyle before spotting the PCs. Sal was overjoyed to see another android, but Purple Hair just snarled and pointed her spooky red-glowing space gun at Sal, leading to a cliffhanger…



Nwah Nwah

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