N'wah's Iron Gods Campaign

Fires of Creation Session 06

Halls of Engineering, Part 1

The group engaged the horrible pustule monsters, dispatching them swiftly. The monsters exploded with gristly horribleness but everyone seems to be fine. It was gross. Then Cletus ate the remains, and that was also gross. Exploring the room, the PCs found jack-diddly that was worth money and portable, a fitting final room to an otherwise interesting dungeon. The bathrooms were used to clean up, then back to the surface they went.

After some time spent up in town, with Aton and Petra celebrating clearing out the dungeon level and the rescue of Khonnir with some well-deserved alcohol, the PCs went back down into the Caverns of Grossness to rescue the body of poor Gerrol. Garef used rays of frost to kill most of the brown mold (Sal suggested they leave some in a corner in case the skulks needed a refrigeration room), then Aton doused the corpse in Baine-donated bottom-shelf hootch, using enough to kill the fungal infestation a couple times over. But overkill was to be expected with Aton.

Heading back once more, the group deposited Gerrol’s corpse with the Temple of Brigh (Joram Kyte being Torch’s Body Storage and Preservation Specialist), and were promised a reward of masterwork weaponry. In Sal’s case, none of the Torch smiths were skilled in gunsmithing, but they had plenty of parts Sal could use to masterwork up Betsy free of charge, and they threw in some lead for bullets as well. Then the group considered buying things but didn’t, and went to bed.

Fast-forward to 3-ish in the morning, as Aton and Petra bound into the Foundry, with Aton carrying a large crate. They explained they had “acquired” the box and its contents: a strange machine none of them could determine the purpose of. Aton believed it had something to do with sending messages, while Petra had seen something about power on it while it was active, and they discussed the odd map it had on one panel when it was on. At any rate, it was “not legally acquired” and its previous owner might seek to retrieve it, so Sal spent her already-sleepless evenings keeping watch while the rest of the group caught up on Z’s.

Shortly after dawn, Joram Kyte approached the Foundry with a wheeled chair in hand and some magical curatives for Khonnir in mind, when he was stopped short by the barrel of Betsy. He called out to Sal, the two exchanged pleasantries made awkward by Sal (and more so be Betsy) and Joram came in to administer to Khonnir. Soon after, Khonnir wheeled himself into the Foundry to talk about building that replacement power coupling when he noticed the large box sitting in the middle of the tavern. Many questions were asked, and horrible attempts at diversion were made by Sal, until the group finally allowed Khonnir to take a gander at the box’s contents. “By the gods, is that a power relay?” Khonnir asked. “Where would you even find something like that?” The group demurred, generally seeming like seven-year-olds who had somehow stolen plutonium rods from the local power plant. Khonnir explained the purpose of the device: it hooks up remotely with a nearby power source, then can be set to transmit that power to distant locations. The group figured that might solve the Black Hill problem, and set off to see if the flame was re-lit.

It was not. And there wasn’t even enough new drugs to sell up top, either. But a few of the PCs did spot a swiftly-moving cart or carriage fleeing the town, and that was curious. I wonder who it was? (Hint: it starts with “Garmen” and ends with “Ulreth”; being involved with the destruction of the entire town’s livelihood can he hazardous to one’s health, so blowing outta town was probably his best move.) Heading back to the Foundry, the group had some of Val’s delicious breakfast, then went to the part of the Foundry that gives it its name to help Khonnir build that power coupling.

Some serious hard work saw the replacement coupling completed in record time, so the group set off to explore more of the odd metal dungeons beneath Black Hill. On the way, they ran into two burly half-orcs carrying dangerous pointy junk. “HEY! It’s YOU guys! No one messes with the Lords of Rust!” they shouted, by way of greeting, then held up their pointy junk menacingly. Sal opened up with a volley from Betsy, and it turns out Betsy’s racist, because a critical shot from her exploded one of the thugs’ heads. The second quickly met his demise from Aton’s sword divorcing the thug from his much-beloved head. Then they fed the bodies to Cletus, just as the town guard arrived. They vomited. The group left.

Back down in the elevator, the group headed up to the Engineering Deck, stepping out to face a small pack of thylacines. The thylacines were easily dispatched. Then the group, out of a collection of, like, four sets of doors, the group picked a hallway again. From the hallway they entered a break room that would, under most circumstances, be pretty roomy. But under this circumstance it was loaded with half-orcs and ratfolk. A vicious battle ensued, with ratfolk and orc-kin ending up all over the floor (and one ending up directly inside Cletus, followed by all the others). A Goo Tube!™ vending machine- broken, alas- was found, and promptly raided of its contents. No one called Goo Tube!™ headquarters to put in a repair order, which is fine, becuase it’s highly likely Goo Tube!™ as a business no longer exists. But still. Do the right thing, people, and at least make the attempt. Bodies were also looted, which is perfectly acceptable. And did I mention Racist Betsty critted another half-orc’s head off? That gun is racist, yo.

The group interrogated one of the half-orcs, learning that the Lords of Rust are a gang based in Scrapwall to the north, and serve some entity called Hellion that thry claim has divine powers. Their leader is a purple-haired android named Meyanda who calls upon these supposed powers. He demanded death, which is the most sure-fire way to ensure a group second-guesses their desire to kill a prisoner, though Petra was curious to see what heppened if one fed the half-orc to Cletus feet-first, further proving her moral instability. Eventually, I think Aton just bipped him with some greatswordery.

But more exploration would have to wait, because it’s the…



Nwah Nwah

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